Specialist, or generalist?
As you retire with a large IRA, 401(k) or pension account, it becomes vital to work with a specialist in rollover and wealth transfer matters. Generalists may offer you well-intentioned advice. But without critical knowledge of tax and inheritance rules surrounding IRAs, they may create open-ended (and potentially painful) income or estate tax penalties for you or your heirs.

The more research you do, the more it becomes clear: you want someone with more than a general understanding of your largest investment. You need a specialist.

A specialist to trust with your retirement savings

As you search for the right IRA advisor, you will be looking for a financial professional who has not only skill, but also character. That search has brought you to Frank Metrusky.

For 20 years, Frank served his country as an Air Force officer before returning to Fairfield County. During his military career, he repeatedly made himself the expert in all facets of each duty assignment. As a personal financial professional for the last decade, he has educated himself just as thoroughly, to put himself at the cutting edge of effective retirement account design and investment.
With the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and two master’s degrees, Frank proves he really values in-depth knowledge. He also values the other fundamentals of leadership: initiative, integrity, and clear communication. He is used to great responsibility: the USAF trusted him with intercontinental ballistic missiles, and families trust him with their life savings. Frank can help you in many ways as you retire.