To help you enjoy your “Secure and Successful Retirement,” we use a client-centered, comprehensive, and cohesive team framework, composed of structure and substance, to put you at the center of our work.

Structurally, the process begins at our Discovery Meeting, where the first three things we ask you about, in depth, are your values, your goals, and the important relationships in your life. Money, which we define simply as “purchasing power,” in our view, is a means to the ends of “The Great Goals of Life,” and not the end in itself. The end result of our initial Discovery Meeting is the Total Client Profile, in which we document where you are now in seven areas, and will be updated at all our subsequent meetings, should we mutually decide to work together.

Although we only take on as clients a limited number of relationships for whom we can make a significant impact, we will happily meet with you for a Discovery meeting, without any cost to you or any further obligation.

To schedule a Discovery Meeting, either contact us by e-mail here, or call our office now at (203) 386-8977.

The other part of our process is substance, which we provide through two means. First, though a cohesive team of elite professional advisors, up-to-date advanced planning solutions in the Five Major Areas of Concern affluent individuals and families have:

  • Making smart, educated investment decisions (Wealth Preservation)
  • Mitigating taxes (Wealth Enhancement)
  • Taking care of the heirs (Wealth Transfer)
  • Making sure assets are not unjustly taken (Wealth Protection) and
  • Charitable Giving (Maximizing and Magnifying Charitable Impact)

Second, we also help you be “Savvy” about using your money to get from where you are now to where you want to be by providing education so you can make informed decisions about various aspects of your financial and non-financial life. You can choose from among webinars, workshops, worksheets, and articles to help you ensure you’re making smart decisions with your money. See the Events and Resources tabs for available educational material.

For our visual on The “Secure and Successful Retirement” Framework, click here.

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