Our Process - Overview

“We guide our clients through a five-step custom portfolio construction process incorporating multiple asset classes, style allocations and multiple specialist money managers.” 
Define Client Objectives:  The investment process is ongoing.  We define our client`s objectives and create a custom portfolio solution, rebalance their portfolios in response to changing client circumstances, global market conditions and money manager performance.
Formulate Investment Policy and Allocate Assets:  We develop a written investment policy statement to serve as an operating plan for managing family assets.
Select Money Managers:  The integrity of money managers and their organizations, coupled with their investment performance, are the ultimate deciding factors in manager selection, review and replacement.
Monitor Money Managers and Asset Allocation:  The money manager selection and asset allocation process is ongoing.  We monitor the contribution of specific money managers and portfolio asset allocation to specific client investment objectives. 
Report, Rebalance and Recommend:  We provide in-depth performance reporting, rebalance our client`s portfolios and develop recommendations based on changing client objectives.