Behind the scenes, we conduct for our clients a five-step Wealth Management process.

This "governance framework" comes from our, and others experiences in the military and civilian, financial and non-financial worlds.
Only by following a structured process can financial leaders, stewards and clients be certain all critical elements of an agreed-upon strategy are properly implemented.

Financial Planning Process


We start by defining what goals and objectives the client wants to accomplish. Not only do we consider current circumstances and future needs, but also the "why:" what Core Values are the client(s) seeking to implement and what dangers, opportunities and strengths are the client(s) presented.


We identify sources and levels of risk, assets and liabilities, time horizons and expected outcomes in the specific area under consideration.


We develop a written plan, including investment policy statement(s) to serve as the operating document to implement the selected strategy.


Once the defined strategy is agreed upon and formalized, it must be implemented. We follow the time-proven principle of doing what we do best, client service, and delegate implementation to qualified professionals.


Once the strategy has been designed and implemented, the final step is the ongoing monitoring of the plan’s performance. We develop new recommendations as client objectives and circumstances change.

1Steps and Dimensions are adapted from Donald B. Trone and Mary Lou Wattman, LEADERMETRICS®-What Key Decision-makers Need to Know When Serving in a Critical Leadership Role. Published by 3ethos, Mystic CT. Copyright ©3ethos. All rights reserved.