Our Process - Select Money Managers

“The integrity of money managers and their organizations, coupled with their investment performance, are the ultimate deciding factors in manager selection, review and replacement.”
Quantitative Screening

  • Investment Style:  Consistent over multiple cycles?
  • Past Investment Performance:  Relative to benchmark on risk adjusted basis?
  • Peer Group Comparison:  Performance relative to peer group?

Qualitative Screening

  • Investment Philosophy:  Clearly articulated?  Based on sound theory and empirical evidence?
  • Investment Strategy:  Top down?  Bottom up?  Sector based?  Thematic?
  • Research Orientation:  Fundamental price/value framework?
  • Decision-Making Process:  Committee driven?  Black box?
  • Risk Controls :  What tools or strategies does the manager use to control risk?

Ongoing Manager Review and Replacement

  • Categorize approximately 7,000 managers according to investment strategy and style.
  • Measure performance against 200 specialized benchmarks.
  • Rehire managers each month relative to performance within their peer group.