Complete financial care for your IRA
Will your IRA become a tax trap or a family legacy? It all depends on the rollover and beneficiary decisions you make.

Frank can help you use favorable new tax laws to enhance and maximize the value of your IRA for you and for your children and grandchildren when you no longer need it. He will show you how to use, then transfer, this precious asset efficiently for continued tax-deferred growth.

This care can potentially help you stretch your IRA assets for decades to come, and defer a potential tax burden for your heirs.
A plan to defer income & inheritance tax
Many IRA owners do not know that the "pretax" characteristic of an IRA can result in huge tax problems for beneficiaries. If an IRA owner dies in his or her eighties with adult children in their forties and fifties, those beneficiaries could easily receive a large inheritance, in which all of it is taxable. They may earn high taxable incomes already; this inheritance could send them into the highest tax brackets, and much of what they inherit would be lost.

However, you can stretch out the time that your money can stay in an IRA in order to defer income tax. Since 2001, IRA owners have been able to take smaller Minimum Required Distributions (MRDs) and postpone distributions until age 70. IRA benefits can now be stretched over a long period, potentially reducing current income taxes and increasing long-term benefits to family members.
Frank will help you take the essential steps to extend your IRA. Contact him today and he will confer with you and your family and let you see the long-range potential of your IRA and the way it can become a cornerstone of a retirement and estate plan.